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The range of services that we offer at NewLife Renovations runs from simple repairs of scratches and scuffs, through to speciality cleaning and dressing, replacement and colour matching of irreparably damaged panels, re-dyeing or recovering whole pieces of furniture. 

The restorations we undertake on leather items can be on absolutely anything; from a sofa, a designer handbag, a classic car interior to a set of bikers leathers, just ask!

The treatment of leather as regards clean ability and wear will vary depending upon the degree and nature of the finish (if any) applied to its surface. Cleaning is something that is often given too much emphasis.

Leather furniture in a natural domestic environment should require little more than periodic wiping over with a cloth soaked and then partially wrung out in a soapy solution (mild hand soap or Lux flakes), and then rinsed with a clear damp cloth. Obviously, light pastel shades may require more regular cleaning than darker colours.
colour loss
stain removal
colour transfer
pet damage
cleaning & conditioning
panel replacement
and so much more

Generally, it is accepted that a good overall clean with a  proprietary cleaner, such as NewLife Cleaner, and then conditioned with hide food. This should be carried out three to four times a year.

The temptation to apply saddlesoap or wax polishes should be resisted. Spray polishes should be avoided at all costs as these contain silicone and after a period of time will produce an unpleasant sticky surface. The methods for cleaning shoe leather do not apply to upholstered leather and wax polishes should not be used.

Many modern hides are now surface dyed and because of this practice, it is important not to let acids from natural perspiration build up on the surface, particularly on the headrests or arms, as this could result in the protective coating being breached, followed by delamination of the surface dye.


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